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Global Education Steering Committee

The Global Steering Committee was appointed by the Provost and has representatives from all colleges and other constituent groups on campus committed to global education initiatives. It serves as a coordinating and organizing entity to advance communication among all areas of the University relative to global education and programs. This committee is charged with advising in the development of global efforts and coordinating to maximize university resources. The Global Steering Committee also serves as advisory in the development of potential strategic international partnerships with other universities and assists in communicating global initiatives university-wide. Overall, the committee will work to implement recommendations articulated by the Global Task Force and JCAP towards internationalizing the University.

Global Steering Committee Members

David Abedon Prof. CELS, Extension Specialist david@uri.edu
Jenny Audette Asst. Prof Physical Therapy jaudette@mail.uri.edu
Sigrid Berka Assoc. Prof/Exec. Director IEP sberka@uri.edu
Tom Boving Professor CELS – GEO boving@uri.edu
Dania Brandford-Calvo Dtr. Office of International Education,International Students and Scholars brandford@uri.edu
Shaw Chen Associate Dean Business chenshaw@uri.edu
Alicia Curtin Associate Prof Nursing acurtin@ds.uri.edu
Bo Gillie International Admission Officer rgillie@mail.uri.edu
Haibo He Asst. Prof Elect, Comp, Bio Engineering he@ele.uri.edu
Norbert Hedderich Professor/Chair, Dept. of Languages Hedderich@uri.edu
Kristin Johnson Asst. Prof Political Science kristin_johnson@mail.uri.edu
Sarah Lopolito Director, ACE English Language Institute sarahl@cultural.org
Maureen Moakley Prof. Political Science Moakley@uri.edu
Kathleen Maher Asst. Dtr. For National Fellowships & Academic Opportunities, Honors kmaher@uri.edu
Kat Quina Associate Dean CCE kquina@uri.edu
Navindra Seeram Asst. Prof Biomed & Pharmacy nseeram@uri.edu
Yang Shen Professor, Oceanography yshen@gso.uri.edu
Nancy Stricklin Asst. to Provost for Global Strategies nancys@uri.edu
Nasser Zawia Dean Graduate School nzawia@uri.edu

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