Examples of Learning Outcomes Statements

Examples that are TOO general and VERY HARD to measure…

  • …will appreciate the benefits of learning a foreign language.
  • …will be able to access resources at the University of Rhode Island.
  • …will develop problem-solving skills.
  • …will have more confidence in their knowledge of the subject matter.

Examples that are still general and HARD to measure…

  • …will value knowing a second language as a communication tool.
  • …will develop and apply effective problem-solving skills that will enable one to adequately navigate through the proper resources within the University of Rhode Island.
  • …will demonstrate the ability to resolve problems that occur in the field.
  • …will demonstrate critical thinking skills, such as problem solving as it relates to social issues.

Examples that are SPECIFIC and relatively EASY to measure…

  • …will be able to read and demonstrate good comprehension of text in areas of the student’s interest or professional field.
  • …will demonstrate the ability to apply basic research methods in psychology, including research design, data analysis, and interpretation.
  • …will be able to identify environmental problems, evaluate problem-solving strategies, and develop science-based solutions.
  • …will demonstrate the ability to evaluate, integrate, and apply appropriate information from various sources to create cohesive, persuasive arguments, and to propose design concepts.



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