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Traffic Accident Reconstruction Courses

FALL 2016


This workshop is open to all who previously completed the
Traffic Accident Reconstruction* course.

November 14, 15, 16 (8-4pm)    Special Price: $99

This workshop will review Traffic Accident Reconstruction techniques and math formulas to keep your reconstructions in compliance with national and local standards, strengthen your on-scene processing skills, improve traffic safety and ensure quality accident reports.

Over the three-day workshop, we will review:

  • Mathematical principles and equations
  • Understanding the importance of the Square Root
  • Skid marks and vehicle speeds
  • Speed estimates from kinetic energy, skid marks, scuffmarks
  • Time, distance, and motion equations
  • Conservation of momentum equations
  • Center of mass calculation
  • Vector sum analysis
  • Derivation and origin of the commonly used speed formulas
  • Speed of vehicles at impact using conservation of linear momentum
  • Newton’s three laws of motion
  • Reaction time/human factors
  • Reconstruction techniques
  • Practical Exercises
  • Case Preparation
  • Math and the Courtroom

CEU credits awarded.

Spring 2016

This package of classes is designed to teach beginners and further develop the experienced investigator through reinforcement and additional training. All courses are open to police officers, police supervisors, traffic officers, training officers, administration of justice students, insurance investigators, & insurance supervisors.

CEU credits awarded.

In Traffic Accident Reconstruction (100 hrs) you will learn about:

  • Analysis – scene, damage and speed
  • Use of a UAV or Drone for analysis
  • Photogrammetry techniques for mapping and drawing
  • Reconstruction report writing
  • FAA considerations and the certification process
  • Court preparation including preparing for expert testimony in a trial
  • Preparing your Curriculum Vitae
  • Publication process
  • Practical application of formulas of formulas

In the Advanced Pedestrian Course (24 hrs) you will learn about:

  • Perception reaction
  • Time and distance
  • Pedestrian conspicuity
  • Gait abnormalities

In the Advanced Motorcycle Course (24 hrs) you will learn about:

  • Motorcycle dynamics
  • Braking
  • Speed analysis

In the Introduction to Crash Data Retrieval (16 hrs) you will learn about:

  • Use of the BOSCH Crash Data Retrieval tool

These course(s) award CEU credits and can be taken by police officers, police supervisors, traffic officers training officers, administration of justice students, insurance investigators, and insurance supervisors. Participants will receive a signed certificate upon successful completion of each course in the program. Classes meet at the URI Feinstein Providence Campus from 8:00am-4:00pm, January 27- April 14, 2017. We accept department purchase order payments.

Traffic Investigations Class Package: $700
ONLY Traffic Accident Reconstruction January 29-April 15, 2016 (Fridays) $350
ONLY Advanced Pedestrian Collision February 23-25, 2016 (Tues- Thurs) $225
ONLY Advanced Motorcycle Collision March 8-10, 2016 (Tues- Thurs) $225
ONLY Crash Data Retrieval March 30-31, 2016 (Wed-Thurs) $199

Course Materials
Students will be using the “Blue Bitz” traffic accident drawing template, scientific calculator, 360 degree protractor, notebook, 5mm mechanical pencil and colored pencils.

  REGISTRATION FORM   Spring class schedule

This program is a Special Programs offering. It is NOT eligible for Federal Financial Aid or VA Benefits.


Donald L. Mong– PI, Director of Traffic Accident Reconstructions & Investigations
Materials Science Associates. Det Mong is an Army veteran and retired Police Officer who has investigated over 2,000 traffic accidents including many fatalities and serious injuries involving automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. Donald served in the East Greenwich Police Department for 22 years as a patrolman and traffic officer. He reconstructs motor vehicle collisions for insurance companies, law firms and individuals. He is a published author and recipient of many awards and commendations for work in the field of Traffic Accident Reconstruction. He is also a qualified expert witness, both as a defense and plaintiff expert.

Registration questions: Please contact Christine P. Dolan at 401-277-5388 or Email:christine@uri.edu.
Instructor questions: call (401) 465-2853 or Email: dmong@materialsscience.org.

Refund Policy
These classes/programs are self-funding. We require a minimum of 10 registered students for classes to run; 25 is the maximum number accepted. Full payment for a course is expected at the time of registration. We accept payments (POs) from an employer. To cancel your registration contact Christine P. Dolan, Email: christine@uri.edu and a 100% refund will be issued if you cancel up to ten (10) days prior to the start date of a class. We will accept a substitute in your place. No refunds will be granted once a class begins.

The University of Rhode Island is committed to the principals of affirmative action and the attainment of equal employment and the equal educational opportunities for all qualified individuals. For sign language interpretation, personal FM system and disability assistance, please call 401-277-5000 at least two weeks in advance. For TYY assistance, please call the RI Relay service at 1-800-745-5555.

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