Petition the Scholastic Standing Committee

Students petition the College of Engineering (COE) Scholastic Standing Committee (SSC) for all academic matters that require both departmental and college approval. The most common uses of the petition include:

  • modification(s) to a program of study
  • course substitution(s)
  • decisions concerning scholastic standing

The procedure below outlines the steps to be taken in preparing and submitting your petition for review.

  1. complete all sections of the petition form in ink and be sure that you sign and date it
  2. briefly but clearly state the nature of your petition – WHAT are you petitioning?
  3. clearly state the specific reason(s) for your petition – WHY are you making this petition?
    (attach additional supporting information, if necessary)
  4. obtain all required signatures (Advisor, Department Chair, and COE SSC Board Member), with dates, and the indication of whether or not your petition is approved by each person signing the form
  5. you will need the signature of the COE SSC member for your department (see list below)
  6. when everything on the form has been completed, submit it to COE assistant dean’s office for review
    (incomplete forms will not be processed and will be returned)
  7. once the review of your petition has been completed, the COE dean’s office will notify you of the result

Note:  When they arise, serious academic issues may require the entire SSC to convene and deliberate on the matter(s) at hand. Examples would be student grade appeal, student appeal of cheating/plagiarism, etc.  The SSC meets twice each year during the academic year (once in the fall, and once in the spring) as needed for this specific purpose. All parties involved must follow the appropriate steps as described in the relevant portions of the University Manual, and the necessary paperwork must be filed before the issue(s) will be addressed by the SSC.

COE SSC Membership – Academic Year 2017-2018

The COE SSC members for the 2017-2018 academic year by degree program are shown below.  On your petition form you will need the signature of the person from the COE department where your major is offered.

BME – Dr. Richard Vaccaro ELE – Dr. Richard Vaccaro
CHE – Dr. Otto Gregory ISE – Dr. Valerie Maier-Speredelozzi
CPE – Dr. Richard Vaccaro MCE – Dr. Musa Jouaneh
CVE – Dr. Aaron Bradshaw OCE – Dr. Christopher Baxter


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