College of Engineering Committees

Assessment Committee

BME – Ying Sun
CHE – Richard Brown
CPE – J.C. Lo
CVE – George Tsiatas
ELE – Richard Vaccaro
ISE – Valerie Maier-Speredelozzi
MCE – Carl Ernst-Rousseau
OCE – Christopher Baxter

Diversity Committee

Chair, Charles Watson (COE MSRRO)
Co-Chair, VACANT
AAEO – Roxanne Gomes
CHE – Vincent Rose
CVE – Christopher Hunter
CVE – Vinka Craver
Disability Services – Pamela Rohland
TD – Robert Britto-Oliveria

Freshman Engineering Committee

CHE – Geoffrey Bothun
ECBE – William Ohley
ECBE – Peter Swaszek
MCISE – David Taggart
OCE – James Sao-Lan Hu

Graduate Curricular Affairs Committee (GCAC)

Chair, Michael Greenfield (CHE)
CVE – Vinka Craver
ECBE – Fred Vetter
MCISE – David Chelidze
OCE – James Sao-Lan Hu

Nominating Committee


Scholastic Standing Committee (SSC)

Chair, Jared B. Abdirkin
CHE – Otto Gregory
CVE – Aaron Bradshaw
ECBE – Richard Vaccaro
MCISE – Musa Jouaneh

MCISE – Valerie Maier-Speredelozzi

OCE – Christopher Baxter

Technology Advisory Committee (TAC)

Chair, Angelo Lucia (CHE)
Co-Chair, George Tsiatas (CVE)
ECBE – Quing Yang
MCISE – Mohammad Faghri
MCISE – Manbir Sodhi
OCE – Stephan Grilli

Undergraduate Curricular Affairs Committee (UGCAC)

Interim Chair, J.C. Lo (ECBE)
CHE – Otto Gregory
CVE – Aaron Bradshaw
MCISE – Musa Jouaneh
OCE – Stephan Grilli

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