Double Degree in Business and Environmental Economics

University of Rhode Island is now offering one of the nation’s first double degree in business and environmental economics.

Who may be interested in the ENRE/Business major?

This major provides you with a unique opportunity to combine your career path in business and your concern for the environment. Corporations need experts who can help them prosper while complying with increasingly rigorous environmental standards.

This double major links environmental economics and business to focus on building a new green economy. The students will gain knowledge, skills and experience to build connections between the natural environment and individuals, firms, markets, and societies. Students will be engaged in analyzing the problems, identifying the opportunities, and designing creative solutions for businesses and societies to become sustainable. These include green markets and marketing, greening the supply chain, and corporate environmental strategies.


Good news for students is that the two BS degrees require only a total of 125 credits, which can be completed in four years. A sample four-year curriculum can be found here.

Career opportunities

This double degree gives students the lead for many kinds of professional careers in the new, growing field of “green” economy. Students with the double degree will have the tools to design green markets as well as corporate strategies for sustainability throughout the market chain. The private sector needs professionals who have creative ideas to integrate the environmental sustainability into business in a way that is economically viable.