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Master of Science in HDF

College Student Personnel

Learning Outcomes

Demonstrates knowledge of information, practices and theories mandated by the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education for those seeking master’s-level professional work in student affairs.

  • Applies knowledge to the design of programs, services, practices or policies.
  • Integrates knowledge to analyze the impact of programs, services, practices or policies.
  • Applies research knowledge to assessment and evaluation practices.

Integrate perspectives of reflective, developmental, learning-centered student affairs practitioners.

  • Articulates a professional philosophy grounded in appropriate literature.
  • Appraises realistically professional competencies in the context of practice.
  • Demonstrates commitment to evidence-based practice grounded in research.

Demonstrate skills grounded in student affairs knowledge and perspectives.

  • Demonstrates effective oral communication in both individually-based and group contexts.
  • Demonstrates effective written communication, including appropriate use of APA Style.
  • Implements assessment and evaluation linked to practice in college student affairs or a closely-related setting.

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