B.S.in Human Development and Family Science


To become an HDF major, you must first complete the following courses with an overall GPA of 2.0 or better:

  • HDF 200 or 201
  • 3 credit General Education course in Social & Behavioral Science (A2)

Program Requirements

A minimum of 120 credits is required for the B.S. in Human Development and Family Science. The program requirements below are updated to reflect the 2020 HDF curriculum sheet. Students with earlier catalog years should follow their specific curriculum plan.

Required courses (18 credits):

HDF 200 Lifespan Development I 3 credits
HDF 201 Lifespan Development II 3 credits
HDF 202 Research in Human Development & Family Studies 3 credits
HDF 205GFamily Financial Issues Across the Lifespan 3 credits
HDF 230 Marriage and Family Relationships 3 credits
HDF 357Family and Community Health3 credits

Early Field Experiences (8 credits)

Select one of the following:
HDF 308Early Childhood Development4 credits
HDF 306 Infant & Toddler Development4 credits
Select one of the following:
HDF 310 Middle Childhood & Adolescent Development4 credits
HDF 312Emerging to Middle Adult Development4 credits
HDF 314Later Adulthood Growth & Development4 credits

HDF Concentration Area Requirements (6 credits)

Choose one of the following concentration areas and complete the two required courses:
— Child and Family Development
HDF 434 Children and Families in Poverty 3 credits
HDF 432 Perspectives on Parenting3 credits
— Counseling and Social Services
HDF 450 Intro to Counseling 3 credits
HDF 430 Family Interaction 3 credits
— Health and Aging Services
HDF 440 Healthy Living for Older Adults 3 credits
HDF 431 Families and Aging 3 credits

Professional HDF Electives (9 credits)

HDF150Human Sexuality3 credits
HDF 102GThis is US3 credits
HDF 190*Intro to Leadership3 credits
HDF 208 Health Young Child3 credits
HDF 225Consumer in the Economy3 credits
HDF 290*Mod Leadership Issues3 credits
HDF 305Family Engagement3 credits
HDF 318GHealth and Wealth3 credits
HDF 352Adulting3 credits
HDF 400Advanced Child Dev3 credits
HDF 405Policy Issues in Health and Aging4 credits
HDF 412*Hist Leadership3 credits
HDF 413*Adv Leadership3 credits
HDF 415*Peer Leadership3 credits
HDF 417*Internship for Leadership Minors3 credits
HDF 418Personal Finance3 credits
HDF 420Early Language and Literature3 credits
HDF 421Death, Dying, and Bereavement3 credits
HDF 428Consumer Protection3 credits
HDF 430 Family Interaction3 credits
HDF/SOC 431Family and Aging3 credits
HDF 432Perspectives on Parenting3 credits
HDF 433Family Life Education3 credits
HDF 437Law and Families in the U.S.3 credits
HDF 440Healthy Living for Older Adults3 credits

HDF 381 Pre-Internship (1 credit) and HDF 480/481 Senior Internship (6-13 credits)

  • To be taken after completion of 90 credits and all core and early field experiences courses
  • HDF 381 should be taken the semester before you plan to take HDF 480/481.

Remaining Credits

  • The remainder of your 120 credits will be made up of Free Electives and General Education courses.
  • Within those credits, you may choose to complete a minor (18 credits) in consultation with your advisor.