B.S.in Human Development and Family Science

Field Experience

Our program provides you with direct hands-on experience—offering you gradual exposure to the HDF professional world. First, you begin learning about career opportunities in human development. Next, you select two early field experience options that match your interest in a specific developmental phase(s) of the lifespan such as early childhood, adolescence, adulthood, or older adults. During your final year, you conclude your professional preparation with an intensive senior field experience that includes a seminar focused on applying and integrating theory to professional practice.

Early Field Work Experiences

At this level, students choose two courses, representing different periods of development within the lifespan. These 4-credit courses consist of a 3 credit course coupled with a 36 hour(1 credit) practicum placement or project-based learning experience. Practicum placements are typically off-campus for 3 hours per week during the traditional academic semester and vary during summer/j-term. 

Select one of the following:
HDF 308Early Childhood Development4 credits
HDF 306 Infant & Toddler Development4 credits
Select one of the following:
HDF 310 Middle Childhood & Adolescent Development4 credits
HDF 312Emerging to Middle Adult Development4 credits
HDF 314Later Adulthood Growth & Development4 credits

Because of the experiential education hours required for HDF 306, 308, 310, 312 and 314,  students should only enroll in one of these courses per semester. Also, students are expected to complete these courses PRIOR TO enrolling in HDF 480 and 481 (i.e., Senior Field Experiences internship and seminar). 

Pre-Internship Course

In the semester before your senior field internship, you take HDF381 Pre-Internship in Human Service Agencies, a 1-credit course designed to help you find an internship site that aligns with your professional interests.

Senior Internship

The senior field internship is an immersive experience at a human service agency. There you shadow professionals and gain experience working in the field. This course will also serve as your capstone course, integrating theory and practice.

  • How to register for your senior field internship
  • Please note that all HDF majors are required to complete HDF 480/481. In extenuating circumstances, ITR 302/304 will be substituted for HDF480/481 and will not count as a D1 requirement. Please email the Department Chair at suekadams@uri.edu for the waiver application.