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Preparing for Your Year Abroad: Italian IEP

IEP students completing the overseas component of their degree program will work closely with the appropriate IEP Director/Coordinator in order to obtain admission as an exchange student at a partner institution, secure an internship placement, and prepare for their time abroad.  In addition to the documentation and processes required of IEP, there are materials that all URI students must also complete and submit to the URI Office of International Education (OIE).

For information on OIE paperwork, processes and deadlines, visit and review the following webpage: Please be advised that the website also provides dates and times for information sessions the OIE will be hosting for those with questions related to the paperwork that must be submitted.

See also for important safety and security information for travelers.

Most students leave for the year abroad in late August or September of their fourth year and return before the start of the new academic year. Students studying at University of Calabria will participate in a one-month immersion program between September and October.

Preparing for the year abroad in a stress-free way takes approximately ten months of planning starting the October prior to departing.

SAKAI: Professor Michelangelo La Luna (, Director of the Italian IEP requests to have sent to him through the Calabria Sakai page all the forms that are also sent to the International Office. This includes all paperwork with the exception of the paperwork for the visa. In addition, students need to submit a copy of their resume and transcript to the Dropbox (PDF/JPEG). This is important for the companies that one will be interning for, in that they will need to see a copy of both.


1. First informational session.

2. Passport application or renewal.

If you do not yet have a valid passport, you need to apply for one. If you already have a passport, you need to ensure that it will not expire within six months of your planned RETURN date. (For example, if you will be abroad until August, your passport should be valid until February of the following year). Post a copy of the passport onto the Sakai dropbox.

NOTE: Passports usually arrive within 8-12 weeks. Passports can come in within 2-3 weeks for a higher cost. It is STRONGLY recommended to obtain a Passport Card, which serves as an extra form of ID while in Italy (~35$).


1. Scholarships

The following scholarships are available for Italian IEP students:

  • Teodoro Raffaele Diaco Excellence Scholarship (deadline: March 25)
  • Apply for other available scholarships for the year abroad. In particular, the Beatrice Demers Scholarship (due in January) and the Benjamin A. Gilman International Summer Scholarship (due in March). For additional grants look at the Scholarship & Fellowships page (deadlines vary).


1. Financial Aid Questions. If you have questions about financial aid during the year abroad, you should contact a financial advisor in Green Hall.

2. Office of International Education Step 1. Complete the General Information Session on the Office of International Education website.

3. Transcripts. Submit 2 official transcripts to Tom Hospod in the Office of International Education. Address: 37 Lower College Road, Kingston, RI, 02881

4. Partner University Application. 


1. Office of International Education Step 2. Complete your URI Application for IEP Study Abroad.

2. IEP Acceptance Form. Pick up from Professor La Luna, the acceptance form that you will need to include in your study abroad paperwork for Tom Hospod in the URI International Office.

3. Prior Approval Form. Start working on the Prior Approval Form (Deadline is May 1st) for all of the courses you would like to take while abroad. Check the list of Italian equivalencies. Please bring sheet to Dr. La Luna to sign off on Italian classes. For engineering and general education classes, please see respective department heads. Please bring a check for your Off-Campus Study Fee to the Office of International Engineering, along with your Prior Approval Form. Remember to add in a couple (2-3) more classes than desired, in case of class unavailability.

4. Meet with your advisors to discuss your academic plan for your 5th year. Think ahead to return in the fall of your 5th year and that you will be registering for classes while you are still abroad. Make sure to work on a graduation worksheet with your IEP advisor BEFORE leaving for study abroad so that you know which classes you will still have to take for graduation. It is highly important to register for 5th year fall courses at URI as EARLY as possible in the Spring prior to returning; we won’t be able to accommodate anyone if a course is canceled due to under-enrollment. Also, let us know immediately if there is a conflict between an Italian course and courses required for engineering. The more heads-up time we have, the easier to adapt.


1. Paperwork. Submit the original study abroad paperwork (Participant Packet) to Tom Hospod and a PDF/JPEG copy in the Sakai Dropbox to Dr. La Luna.

2. UNICAL Manual. It is important to read over the Italian IEP Study Abroad Survival Guide.

3. Visa. US citizens who are studying in Italy do need to apply for a student visa before entering Italy. By enrolling at UNICAL, you will get a student visa for one year. For directions and guidance in obtaining a Student Visa, go to the following websites and scroll down to the “Student Visa” section:

  • Boston
  • NY
  • Important: Non-US citizens need to check whether they are on the list of countries whose citizens need to apply for a visa. It is STRONGLY recommended to apply for the visa as soon as obtaining the UNICAL acceptance letter.

4. UNICAL Application. The UNICAL Application is due by May. However, Prof. La Luna asks that students finish the application by no later than early April due to the fact that it takes time for UNICAL to accept and review each applicant and the desired classes that he/she will take abroad. After completing the form, please send it by email to Dr. Gianpiero Barbuto, Manager of International Relations at UNICAL ( and Prof. La Luna (

1. Terms and Conditions

2. Personal Details

3. Current Enrollment

4. Exchange Period at University of Calabria

5. Proposed Course Program

6. Previous Studies

7. Italian Language Proficiency

1. To determine your proficiency level, visit:

2. Various proficiency levels:

1. B1, B2, C1, C2

1. B1 & B2 = 200-300 level courses

1. B2 = 24 Hours of classes = 2 URI credits

2. B2 & C1 = High 300 level courses/ 400 level courses

3. C2 = 400 level courses

8. Contact in Case of Emergency

9. Accommodation

10. Student Declaration

5. Choosing Classes. Students need to have chosen the classes they plan on taking at UNICAL by early April. Below are listed three main links that can help students find the desired courses. It is important for students to find the URI equivalent courses to be able to fill out the prior approval form (pre-departure form) due in April.

1. Fields of Study: Here you can find the available fields of study and courses that are offered at UNICAL. By following the link one will become familiar with the various departments and the courses they will offer:

1. For an overall general overview (in English) of many of the various classes offered at UNICAL click here and go to tab “Information on degree Programmes”:

2. General Education Classes: The following link includes some available general education classes (Literature & Culture) that are offered at UNICAL:

3. Teachers: The teachers listed here are the general education professors who are the most open to accepting foreign students in their classes.

1. Luca Parisoli: Filosofia medieval e moderna.

2. Giovanna Capitelli: Storia dell’arte rinascimentale

3. Ornella Scognamiglio: Storia dell’arte barocca.

4. Maurizio Paoletti: Archeologia greca e romana.

5. Giuseppe Roma: Archeologia e storia dell’arte tardo-antica.

6. Adele Coscarella: Archeologia medievale.

7. Stefania Paone: Storia dell’arte medievale.

8. Cristiana Coscarella: Storia dell’architettura.

9. Franca Papparella: Archeologia cristiana.

Note: For the Italian courses, please contact Professor Eugenia Mascherpa (


1. Health Insurance. Submit proof of health insurance to Office of International Education. If you do not have health insurance that is sufficient for living abroad, please obtain HTH insurance at the information below.

1. URI Insurance– It is mandatory for every student to pay for the URI Health Insurance.

2. Italian Insurance from UNICAL. It is highly recommended that students, while at UNICAL, purchase Italian insurance (€150/yr.). This will cover them for any medical services that they may need.

Why Buy Italian Insurance?

Even if one’s personal U.S insurance may cover the fees, the student may have to pay for the service while in Italy and may receive a refund or compensation when coming back to America.

Italian insurance will also help cover special needs or services other than the regular doctor (eye doctor, chiropractor, dermatologist, etc.)


HTH Emergency and repatronization is mandatory for each student going abroad if your insurance company does not include these services ($300/year). Please fill out the HTH Emergency Evacuation form and contact health services at: 401-874-4756 or


2. Internship Application. Set up appointment with Prof. La Luna to discuss company choices no later than first/second week of April.

3. Prior Approval Form. Submit the Prior Approval Form that includes the classes desired to take at UNICAL (Due Latest by May 1st).

4. Resume/Cover Letter. Each student needs to complete a resume and the draft of the cover letter for the company that he/she will be interning at.


1. Travel arrangements. Students are responsible for their own travel accommodations. For more information, please visit the following link:

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that students talk to each other about traveling plans and fares. 

1. Pre-departure Meeting. This meeting will serve as a final overview of the plans for the year abroad.

2. UNICAL IMPORTANT DATES/ HOLIDAYS (Varies for each department)

UNICAL Academic Calendar:

  • September: First Day of Classes (Check Academic Calendar)

NOTE: Usually the Italian courses for international students begin between early and late September. However, some classes, especially engineering ones do not begin until late September/early October.

  • December 20th – January 6/7: Christmas/Winter Break
  • December/Early January: Classes End
  • Middle of January – February: Exam Period 1 (Primo appello)*
  • End of February: Exam Make-up / Period 2 (Secondo appello)*
  • Easter: 1 week break usually starting on Holy Wednesday
  • April 25th: Day Off (Italian Independence)
  • May 1st: Day Off (Labor Day)
  • June 2nd: Day Off (Day of the Republic)
  • End of May/ Early June: Classes end
  • Late June/ July: Exam Period 1 (Primo appello)* / Exam Make-up /Period 2 (Secondo appello)*

NOTE (*): At UNICAL there are two different times in which one can take an exam. If for some reason it is not possible to take an exam the first time it is offered (Primo appello), students can take it during the second round (Secondo appello). Basically the second exam dates can be used as a second chance to pass an exam. Exam schedules are very flexible at UNICAL, where one does not have to take all of the exams at the same time. If a student feels like they need more time, he/she can even take his/her exam(s) in the Spring or Summer.








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