Department of Marine Affairs

College of the Environment and Life Science

About us

The mission of the Department of Marine Affairs is to provide leadership in the management of marine and coastal environments through distinction in teaching, research, and outreach programs. As a department, we offer Bachelor, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees that focus on governance issues for both coastal and oceanic systems. Curriculum options utilize the wide variety of scientific and environmental expertise found across the University and within our department’s college- the College of the Environment and Life Sciences (CELS). Within CELS, emphasis is placed on multidisciplinary education, which enables our students to grasp the implications, needs, and potential applications of ecosystem-based governance systems.

Through coursework, independent projects, and internship opportunities, you can develop the skills needed to influence the management of our ocean and coastal resources. Our curriculum focuses on solutions for today’s global challenges including fisheries management, marine protected areas, coastal hazards, coastal and marine spatial planning, and climate change. Faculty engagement with a wide range of research issues and collaborators also provides you with access to real world Marine Affairs applications.

As part of the Ocean State’s principal research and Sea Grant University, we offer tomorrow’s coastal and ocean leaders the opportunity to collaborate and learn from today’s leading experts in marine science, policy, and management. Upon graduating, you can expect to find careers within private industry, government service, public policy, or advanced academics.

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