April 6, 2016: Newsletter

Meeting May 3rd at 6pm, Pins, Cards

Hello Master Gardeners,

apr6-1Save the date for May 3rd , when we will be holding our Extension Master Gardener meeting at Swan Hall at 6:00 pm. Be sure to enter your volunteer hours by April 9th, as we’ll order pins in advance of the meeting. Hours posted after that date will be counted towards the summer pin awards.

Please be sure you have your renewal taken care of by the end of April at the latest. We are planning an annual recognition gathering and want to be sure you are included in the invitation! Your paperwork must be current to receive your invite. Thanks for attending to this task as soon as possible and for your patience. The renewal is found on the internal documents website here and if you need a replacement for your pin, please fill out the online form on our website here.

Many of you have been wondering about your URIMGP cards. Due to the change in coordinators for this job, cards are in the process of being prepared for mailing and should be in the mail by next weekend. There was a question of a possible change in the card itself, but that will happen next year.

Thanks for your attention to this important matter.

Be well!
Lee Menard
President, URI Master Gardener Program Leadership Team

In Case you Missed it: Public Education Kickoff and other Trainings

apr6-2The past few weeks have been abuzz with special trainings for various URI Master Gardener Program positions.  If you missed the trainings, many have been recorded for your viewing pleasure!  Click here for a listing of continuing education class recordings and please fill out the survey at the bottom of the page.  Time spent watching these recordings counts toward continuing education if you record those hours in Volgistics!

Plant Health and Soil Fertility, Public Education Kickoff

The documents page on the internal website features handouts for kiosk volunteers, soil testers, project leaders, and school garden mentors.  

Update on URI Master Composter Program

Since 2006, the URI Master Composter ​Program ​has educated members of the general public and deployed them as volunteer educators in communities throughout Rhode Island to teach others about composting and waste reduction. ​Over the past 10 years, ​over 500 ​volunteers have been trained ​as URI Master Composters.

Beginning in 2016, the URI Extension Outreach Center will shift away from deploying volunteer educators and focus in on the education itself, delivering high quality science-based compost and waste reduction ​information to the public through workshops and demonstrations.Stay tuned for announcements about future trainings!

We encouraged our ​existing ​URI Master Composters to apply to the URI Master Gardener Program if ​they are interested in continuing to serve as volunteer compost educators.​

​We also encourage our URI Master Gardeners to represent URI Extension compost education initiatives​ as “URI Extension Composting Education” moving forward.

Thanks for your help in communicating this change on our behalf.​

Sejal Lanterman
Community Engagement & Outreach Coordinator
URI Extension Outreach Center

NEW URI Master Gardener Program Website

In case you missed it, please check out our brand new URI Master Gardener website.

URI Master Gardener Website (PUBLIC): web.uri.edu/mastergardener

To access the internal website, click on the red “Master Gardener Login button” and enter the password: seeds. Our new internal website features the following:

  • Volgistics Login
  • Core Training and Continuing Education class recordings
  • Leave of Absence (1 year) and Emeritus Status application
  • Documents – training materials, etc.
  • Calendar (coming soon)