URI Extension Master Gardener Program Budget Request Form 2017

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This form serves as your budget request for our URIMGP operating budget.  Budget requests should be submitted via this online form by October 18, 2016. Contact your Council Coordinator with questions.

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Excerpt from URIMGP Operating Guidelines. Click here for full copy.
TABLE 3.2: Allowable URIMGP Expenses
TypeAllowable (to support public education)Not Allowable
EMG Services (e.g. Kiosks, Soil Testing, Public Presentations)Educational display materialsRefreshments
Books and reference materialsEvent exhibitor fees
Electronics for reference (e.g. iPads) and public presentations (e.g. projectors)
Soil testing equipment, brochures
Printed educational and program collateral
Demonstration ProjectsSoil amendments (e.g. compost, mulch, fertilizers)Refreshments
Plant tags, signage explaining practicesEntertainment (e.g. music)
Garden demonstration materials used for teaching purposes (e.g. row covers, trellising materials, IPM or other pest control tools, lumber for raised beds, specific plants not available from MGP greenhouses)Permanent structures (e.g. fences, storage sheds)
Books and reference materials
Selected tools, if needed
Rentals as approved (e.g. port-a-john, space)
School Garden Mentor LocationsLesson plan supplies to be used in the gardenRefreshments
Teacher training materials (e.g. garden user guides)Installation and/or rehabilitation of permanent structures (e.g. fences, storage sheds, greenhouses)
Curriculum units, garden journals, books and reference materialSchool personnel stipends  (e.g. teachers, maintenance)
Plant tags and interpretive signageGardening materials (e.g. row covers, trellising materials, fertilizers, IPM tools, lumber for raised beds, irrigation systems)
Youth gardening tools and other tools as approved
Soil test fees from UConn or UMass; URI Plant Protection Clinic fees
Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) checks f
Registrations for Fall 2016 School Garden Conference for garden team ($50 for full day)