Placing Your Syllabus in the Syllabus Tool

Does your syllabus live in the Syllabus tool? If not, it should!

This may seem basic, but it is oh-so-important. Here at URI, the syllabus is a contract between instructor and student. All the important details of the course, and often the course schedule, are located in this very vital document. By placing the document in the Syllabus tool on Sakai, students know exactly where to find it, and they can never lose it. Even if you’re teaching a face-to-face class, we recommend placing your syllabus in Sakai. Not only does it provide easy access, but it also allows you to edit as the semester goes along, without having to print out and distribute new copies every time you make a change, or without having to trust that students copied down your changes. Here’s how to add your syllabus to the Syllabus tool:

Once in the Syllabus tool, click Create/Edit.


Then click Add.


Here, you can title your syllabus, then paste its contents in the provided box. To paste, click on that little clipboard icon with the blue W (paste from Word).


When you do that, a small box will appear. Paste your syllabus in that pop-up box, then press OK.


As you scroll down, you can also add your syllabus as an attachment. If you choose to do this, we recommend adding it as a PDF. Click on Add Attachment and follow the instructions to browse your computer and upload the PDF.

When you’re done, click Post!

If things change as the semester progresses and you need to revise the syllabus, simply go back into the Create/Edit space, and make the changes right in the content box. Of course, if you attached a PDF, you’ll need to upload a new, revised one so the information matches.

Now your students can never say they lost the syllabus or have the wrong version! And just think, when circumstances like a snowstorm cancel the first day of classes, you don’t lose in-class time covering the syllabus.