Using the “Watch” Feature in Forums

Forums are a great tool for online discussions. They offer a space for students to engage in meaningful conversations, promoting active learning. Of course, as the instructor, you need to be present in these conversations as well – as much or as little is appropriate to the goals of each discussion topic. That said, you don’t want to have to log into Sakai multiple times a day to see if your students have posted yet. Well, guess what? You don’t have to! The “Watch” feature in Forums allows to you to be notified by email either when a new message  is posted or simply when a thread you’ve contributed to receives a new message. Here’s how you set up this feature.

At the top of Forums you’ll see a button that says Watch. It’s next to the buttons that allow you create, organize, and grade your forums. Simply click on that Watch button. (Click on images below to enlarge them.)


Next, you’ll see the notification options mentioned above. Simply choose the one you want and press Save.


It’s as easy as that! And you can go back in and change these settings at any point.

Happy watching!