Where’s My Course on Sakai?

Are you enrolled in an online or blended course? Does your professor use Sakai in your face-to-face course? If so, the most important question is: Can you find your course(s) in Sakai?!

All of your current courses should be listed in your active sites (visible across the top, or under the “more sites” tab). The course(s) you’re looking for will be listed by course name or course code. Like this:



If you don’t see them, try these trouble shooting tips.

Are too many old courses keeping your current course from being visible? If so, you can change the courses listed across the top of your workspace. Here’s how:

Click on My Workspace, then click on Preferences (on your left navigation bar).

You will then see a list of your courses in two boxes. The left side shows active sites and the right shows hidden sites (courses you do not need to view all the time, most likely from previous semesters). You can select courses and move them back and forth between active and hidden. Using the up and down arrows you can also select the order your courses will display. Here’s what it will look like:



If you want all of your courses to be displayed you can opt to have 1 more tab displayed than the number of courses listed in your active sites. When you’re done moving your courses around,  be sure you “Update Preferences” to save the changes you made. Your top navigation will change a second or two later!

Now you are all set to visit your courses in Sakai! Remember, this is one of the first things you should do before beginning an online/blended course.

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