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Dr. Zawia’s Research

Nasser H. Zawia, Ph.D.

Located in Lab Module 380 on Level 3 of Avedisian Hall


Based at the University of Rhode Island, our lab is working on gene-environment interactions, with a special emphasis on the epigenetics of Alzheimer’s disease. Under the direction of Principal Investigator, Dr. Nasser H. Zawia, NL has identified novel drugs for the treatment of AD as well as identified biomarkers for the disease.





Will Lead Exposure In Youth Lead To Alzheimer’s In Old Age?

Will Lead Exposure In Youth Lead To Alzheimer’s In Old Age?

Early exposure to environmental toxins can lead to diseases much later in life. This week, Wu et al. report that primates exposed to lead as infants showed Alzheimer’s disease (AD)-like pathology years later. From birth to 400 d of age, monkeys were exposed to lead levels that produced no obvious sign of toxicity. Although by […]

URI pharmacy professor researches lead exposure

URI pharmacy professor researches lead exposure, builds bridges between U.S. and Middle East in Yemen KINGSTON, R.I. – February 28, 2007 – Nasser Zawia’s year-long Fulbright fellowship in Yemen ended last year, but the associate professor of pharmacy continues work with the country’s scientists and officials on infant exposure to lead and other biomedical research. […]

New Thinking on Neurodevelopment

New Thinking on Neurodevelopment

The notion that some substances in the environment can damage the nervous system has an ancient history. The neurotoxicity of lead was recognized more than 2,000 years ago by the Greek physician Dioscerides, who wrote, “Lead makes the mind give way.” In the intervening millennia many other substances have been added to the list of […]

University awarded $750,000 NSF alliance grant

URI to boost the ranks of minority science, engineering professors KINGSTON, R.I. — July 1, 2005 — Growing up in South Carolina, Brian Brock was always intrigued by science. It’s a family legacy since his mother taught high school science. Today Brock is pursuing a master’s degree in pharmacology and toxicology at the University of […]

Perinatal Soup—Early Pathogen or Toxin Exposures Leave Brain Vulnerable

Perinatal Soup—Early Pathogen or Toxin Exposures Leave Brain Vulnerable

14 February 2005. Scientists have little trouble accepting the idea that ontogeny is a process rich in interplay between genetic and environmental factors, or that environmental insults ranging from malnutrition to toxins during the embryonic and early postnatal periods can harm development. But what about the argument that environmental insults suffered early in life could […]

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