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Behavioral Science Ph.D. Program


The doctoral program consists of 90 course and research credit hours (66 of course work/directed research, 6 credits of thesis research, and 18 credits of dissertation research). The program culminates with written and oral comprehensive exams and completion of dissertation research.

See Course Descriptions    |     Behavioral Science Program Manual (PDF)


In the pursuit of your degree, you will develop expertise in five major areas:

  1. Foundations of psychology
  2. Research methodology and data analysis
  3. Advanced psychological knowledge
  4. Multicultural competence
  5. Research proficiency

Foundations of Psychology (4 courses, 12 credits)

  • PSY 600 Multicultural Issues in Psychology: Theory, Research, and Practice
  • PSY 601 Physiological Psychology
  • PSY 603 Development
  • PSY 604 Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY 605 Personality
  • PSY 606 Social Psychology
  • PSY 607 Advanced Psychopathology
  • PSY 608 Theories and Systems

Research Methodology and Data Analysis (3 courses, 9 credits)

  • PSY 532 Experimental Design
  • PSY 533 Advanced Quantitative Methods in Psychology
  • PSY 611 Methods of Psychological Research and Experimental Design

Advanced Knowledge (Written and Oral Comprehensive Exams)
Advanced knowledge is demonstrated by passing written and oral comprehensive examinations. Written exams are typically taken in the third or fourth year, and address methodological issues, specialty area(s), and general core knowledge. Areas on which the examination will focus are determined in consultation with the your committee. Your oral examination is taken shortly after successful completion of the written exam.

Multicultural Competence (Didactic component, Research component, Applied component)

URI Psychology Department Multicultural Competency Requirement 

A doctoral dissertation must be completed to graduate from the program. If you enter without a Master’s degree in Psychology you will complete a Master’s thesis prior to the doctoral dissertation. If you enter with a Master’s degree in Psychology you must demonstrate research competency. This can be done by having a previously completed Master’s thesis reviewed and accepted by the your committee or completing a research competency project.

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