Get involved with a healthy and sustainable food system here at URI

SlowFood022711Slow Food URI’s Misson Statement:

“With a passion for food and great concern for the wellbeing of all things, it is our devout intent to create and celebrate a food system with roots in nutrition, environmental sustainability, and social justice. We are committed to educating others and bringing awareness to the college and surrounding communities about the need for a slower, more wholesome way of life. This involves making daily food choices that provide nourishment for our bodies as well as our planet, and rediscovering the simple pleasures of food that we have regrettably lost. As a student convivium it is important that we lead the way so that others may follow a path that is good, clean, and fair.”

Slow Food URI is a group here on campus that is devoted to all things green, sustainable, and healthy.  This group is run by Cate Brennan and meets in the Memorial Union on every other Thursday.

Check out their website at:, here you can find great recipes, and new ideas to eat and cook healthier while being environmentally sustainable.

If you are interested in joining this club or just want more information follow the link to the Slow Food URI website or contact them at: