Sustainability in action

URI is leading the conversation on sustainability across academic disciplines. Learn how our faculty, students, and alumni are thinking about sustainability in their research and lives.

Joseph Goodwill wants to make your drinking water stronger.

Stress can be good
“We’re no longer in a position to use water once and discharge it. What worked for the last 100 years isn’t going to work for the next 100.”
Joseph Goodwill, assistant professor, civil and environmental engineering

Jason Jaacks chases awe and wonder.

Experience it
“If you can get people to stop and to care, you can use that sense of awe to galvanize them.”
Jason Jaacks, assistant professor of multimedia journalism

Gretchen Macht wants you to trust election results.

Sustaining Democracy
“People will believe in the results of an election when their person won or their voting experience was easy.”
Gretchen Macht, assistant professor of mechanical, industrial and systems engineering

Rosemary Leger talks trash about your fast fashion habit.

Join the conversation
“I want to flip the narrative from consumer behavior to disposer behavior.”
Rosemary Leger, M.A. ’21, Ph.D. student, marketing

John Taylor wants to bring the forest to the city.

Growing communities
“I’m interested in developing urban food systems that are sustainable in the fullest sense of the word.”
John Taylor, assistant professor, agroecology

Isobel McCullough preserves the sounds of Rhode Island’s beaches.

Listen closely
“By creating soundscapes for seven beaches around South County, I have preserved their unique sonic environments before they disappear forever.”
Isobel McCullough ’22

Amanda Missimer and Vanessa Venturini want you to stop wasting food.

Here’s How
“We have diverted 140,000 pounds of food from the landfill and over 60,000 pounds of food has gone to people instead of landfills.”
Vanessa Venturini, ’08, M.S. ’11, URI Extension Coordinator and co-founder of Food Recovery for RI