Matthew (Matt) Sheldon thinks green commuting by bike

SheldonMattThinkerGraduation year:  2012
Major:  Communications, Minor: Sustainability
Hometown:  Kingston, RI

What does sustainability mean to you?
To me, Sustainability is about having the knowledge of the constraints within our environment.  Being aware of Earth’s limits, we can work to use the necessary resources provided in a reduce–reuse–recycle plan, which will help preserve our environment for future generations.  

Which URI project or program related to sustainability should we be the most proud of?
The designs going into the new buildings is something we should be most proud of.  It will become the stepping stone to a much greener University.  
How are you involved with campus sustainability at URI? 
I have been working with Dr. Norbert Mundorf on his alternative transportation project. Working with a couple different colleges here in New England, we have been trying to promote alternative transportation.  Encouraging those in the “disinterested” stage to consider carpooling, riding a bike, or using public transportation has continued to increase the awareness on the URI campus. 

What can URI do to be greener?
Continuing to push the idea for alternative transportation is important here at URI, especially since a majority of students live off campus.  Bringing in food from local farms and venders would also be a great way to make URI a greener campus, not to mention it will help out the community around us.

What do you do in your personal life to be green?
In my personal life, I try to maintain a green lifestyle by unplugging electronics around my house when they are not in use.  I recycle all the cardboards and plastics used, turn off the water while brushing my teeth, and carry around a reusable water bottle rather than buying the plastic bottles.  I did live off campus for a couple years until I decided to move back home to cut back on transportation.  My biggest step occurred this summer when my brother and I purchased a tandem bike to travel back and forth from URI and Scarborough State beach.  Probably the best decision ever!