URI oceanographer playing central role in helping make Providence Knowledge District green

GreenKnowledgeDist012011S. Bradley Moran, URI professor of oceanography, co-chairs the energy and environment initiative for the area of Providence formerly known as the Jewelry District, along with Len Polizzotto, vice president for strategic business development and marketing for Draper Laboratory, Cambridge, Mass.

“We want to catalyze economic development in the district through environmentally sustainable development,” Moran said. “Starting this spring, we are going to collect data on all the buildings in the district to develop a baseline audit. If we develop data that can lead to a sustainable district, companies are going to want to be there. It will be the cool place to be.”

The graph here illustrates a hypothetical scenario over the next 10 years of increasing energy consumption (Energy), greenhouse gas emissions (eCO2), and energy costs ($) if nothing was done (BAU – business as usual) in the Providence Knowledge District. The colored wedges represent possible future reductions in energy consumption, costs, and eCO2 that could be achieved by taking steps to “Green the Knowledge District” by improving building energy efficiency (EE), transportation efficiency (Transp.), green urban design (Design), and renewable energy practices (Renew). The green circle represents 1990 levels previously recommended by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Graph courtesy of URI Oceanography Professor S. Bradley Moran