URI scientists edit, author new book on restoration of salt marshes

Image courtesy of: islandpress.org

Back in December, a book titled Tidal Marsh Restoration: A Synthesis of Science and Management, co-edited by URI scientist Charles Roman, was released. The purpose of the book is to help environmental scientists with the practical processes and scientific models of such an important task, and New England is leading the charge in marsh restoration, according to Roman.

“New England is ahead of the curve on restoring these marsh systems, perhaps because we’re in a region where the coastline is highly developed,” said Roman.

“Because of the intensity of tidal restrictions to our coastal areas, it was a logical event for scientists and managers to begin to restore these systems, and moreover, to bring them together in this book to report on their findings and help guide future marsh restoration efforts.”

Coastal stewards have been restoring tidal marshes for nearly twenty years now, but the books release, and the work of the URI affiliates in it, is a sign that the restoration process is still very much active.