The Ocean Runs Through It: URI facility can emulate nearly any marine condition

20130925MarineConditionBut thanks to the Marine Science Research Facility at the University of Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay Campus – and a high-tech and high-powered pumping system — the ocean continuously travels right through campus, making such studies convenient and inexpensive
“We have one of the most versatile seawater facilities in the country,” proclaimed Ed Baker, who manages the facility. “We can manipulate the water to be whatever temperature, salinity or filtration researchers may want. We can chill the water, heat the water, filter out the plankton and other particulates in the water, or leave it unfiltered. We can emulate nearly any marine condition on the planet.”
With 7,000 feet of indoor wet lab space and almost unlimited outdoor space adjacent to the Bay, it is the largest facility of its kind in New England.
Baker said that the facility helps scientists bridge the gap between fieldwork and lab work. “We see the facility as a flexible platform for students and researchers. That flexibility allows us to accommodate a remarkably diverse spectrum of research,” he said.