Toxic or Not? URI freshman find answers and share information on twitter

b1tgg2ks0e9Hazardous materials have become a major focus in today’s society. People are just now becoming aware of the dangerous compounds we have been using on our food, water, and other resources and how they negatively affect our health.

Last semester, Professor Angela Slitt conducted a class that used methods other than the subject matter to get her students thinking. She involved an interactive social media portion to the class that required students to tweet about what they learn, and to reach as many people as possible in doing so.

The students formed teams of 8, ominously named after toxic chemicals, and would decide amongst themselves what to talk about. The tweets were short and entertaining in the typical twitter fashion, yet thought provoking and educated as well.

Slitt says that, “The students learned about a variety of environmental challenges, and they learned how to use the Internet to obtain credible information. The whole point is to get them to think in an evidence-based way.”