Sustainability in the Curriculum

URI is known for its robust curriculum in the natural sciences, environmental and natural resource economics, oceanography, ocean engineering and marine affairs. However, ensuring that students outside of the “traditional” environmental science programs are equally prepared to address sustainability issues via cross-disciplinary or multidisciplinary collaboration across the curriculum, is a significant challenge.

Many programs have been developed to help infuse sustainability topics into the curriculum.

> Courses that include topics of sustainability

> Infusing Sustainability into the Curriculum: Leadership Workshop for Faculty

Additionally, the incorporation of sustainability learning outcomes for all academic disciplines is emphasized in the university’s current Academic Strategic Plan. The environment and sustainability are crucial teaching and research topics that help achieve Goal 02 to “Expand Research, Scholarship,
and Creative Work.” More specifically the university strives to “Achieve high-impact, translational, and innovative research, scholarship, and creative work that addresses state, regional, and world challenges to improve health, environmental sustainability, economic development, and the human experience.”

To view the entire URI Academic Strategic Plan, visit the Office of the Provost’s page:
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