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Activities and Process for Strategic Academic Plan 2016-21

The Joint Committee on Academic Planning (JCAP) provides the following ongoing reporting of its Strategic Planning Process to develop the next

URI Strategic Academic Plan 2016-2021

Task Forces:  Listing of Members and task forces

Ten task forces comprised of faculty, students, staff worked on various sections of the emerging Academic Strategic Plan 2016-21 draft document.  This listing points to the listing of members for each task force and the Goal, Strategies, and Actions each worked on.  Task forces submitted their suggestions for the Plan document in writing, most by the end of June.

Draft Academic Strategic Plan 2016-21

Please ensure that you have logged into your URI Google Apps for Education account through a web browser prior to providing feedback.

JCAP Mission

The Joint Committee on Academic Planning (JCAP) shall address academic planning and accreditation of the University. The recommendations of the Committee are advisory to the Office of the Provost and the Faculty Senate. It shall assist in monitoring progress of the University’s Academic Plan by suggesting modifications, additions, and deletions to the Plan as well as creating and coordinating task forces. The Committee shall be responsible for the regular review of the Academic Plan and ensure that it continues to reflect the needs of the University in light of new opportunities and challenges. It shall be responsible for periodic and systematic review of various aspects of the institution as required by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and shall ensure that the results of these reviews are used for continuing improvement. The Committee shall be provided, upon request, with necessary data and information by University colleagues across all Divisions and by representatives of Academic Plan task forces.

An integrated model for planning at the University of Rhode Island

A model that embeds best practices in higher education planning the University strives to implement.

University of RI Vision, Mission, Values

JCAP Timeline of activities to develop the Academic Strategic Plan

September/October 2014 – JCAP reviewed the Academic Plan 2010-15 and concluded that many of its goals should be carried forward in some form and new strategies developed in a process that encourages participation of all stakeholders.

October –November 2014 – JCAP reviewed and discussed key trends, research, articles relative to the future of higher education and guidance from key national agencies/organizations, including the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU) and APLU, among others.

November 2014 – JCAP formed an Academic Summit planning committee to create a Summit program relative to future trends studied by JCAP to develop potential future initiatives to advance goals of the potential new Academic Plan.

January 16, 2015 – Academic Summit – 225 faculty and key administrative staff attended the all-day program

Faculty and staff facilitator led discussions, from which notes were captured by session and posted to the website

February –April 2015 – JCAP reviewed notes from the Academic Summit and creates an initial draft of goals and strategies and a process for advancing the further development of the plan.

April 22, 2015 – Student Summit to engage student feedback in generating ideas to be included in Plan and plan draft was revised by JCAP to include key student ideas.

May 7, 2015 – Faculty Senate meeting – Faculty Senate Chairperson urges faculty to become involved in the various task forces that will work further on the Academic Strategic Plan.

JCAP involves various committees/task forces (10) of faculty, students, staff to review, develop, and revise sections of the working draft Plan. (Deans invited faculty, JCAP, and Faculty Senate Executive Committee suggested faculty who were invited to participate). Several standing committees (SBPC, Global Steering Committee, and Academic Affairs Diversity Committee) served as task forces for particular areas.

July – New draft is written incorporating task force feedback.

August 2015 –JCAP circulates new draft to Faculty Senate Executive committee (with the added submissions/feedback from the 9 nine task forces). Draft also shared with Council of Deans at their Summer Retreat.

August/September – A 10th Task force works on Goal 6 during the summer.

JCAP reviews and edits draft Academic Plan over several meetings. (Document includes feedback from all task forces). JCAP discusses and further revises document).

October 2015Document shared with all faculty, President’s Senior team, and Council of Deans for additional community feedback. Revisions submitted to be considered by JCAP. JCAP provides overview its planning process and draft Academic Strategic Plan at October 15th Faculty Senate meeting.

November 2015 – JCAP finalizes Plan and Plan to be shared with OHE

December 2015 – Plan is in final stages of editing and printing

January 2016 – Plan launched

January –May 2016 – JCAP begins work to develop key indicators and metrics to assess progress on the Plan. Other institutional planning (divisions and colleges) occurs to align with Academic Strategic Plan

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