Textile Marketing, B.S.

The Textile Marketing program is the only accredited program in the United States. It combines a major in textiles with courses that meet the degree requirements in the College of Business. Textile Marketing graduates develop a knowledge of the market research, product development, and sales functions of corporations producing fibers, yarns, fabrics and apparel, and for interiors and industrial customers.

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Academic Advisor

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Academic Advisor

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Kathleen Conlon

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Curriculum Sheets


Curriculum Sheet Notice:

Use the Curriculum Sheet that matches the year you started at URI.  If you started at URI in fall 2019, select the 2019 sheet.  If you started in spring 2021, select the 2020 sheet.

Major Entry Requirements

  • For review at the end of freshmen year: Complete 27 units and have an overall GPA of at least 3.00; complete (1) CSC 101 or BUS 110 and (2) MTH 131 or BUS 111, each with a grade of at least B
  • For review during sophomore year: Complete 42 units and have an overall GPA of at least 2.40; complete the following courses with a gpa of at least 2.40 for this set of courses: CSC 101 or BUS 110, MTH 131 or BUS 111, STA 308 or BUS 210, BUS 201, and ECN 201