Lisa Macaruso, Ed.D.

  • Asst. Director
  • First Generation College Student, Cisgender Woman of Color, Mother of Dragons
  • Phone: she/her
  • Email:

Point of Pride: I entered higher education as a first-generation college student at CCRI with a Pell Grant and a bus pass. Now I have the opportunity to work for a university dedicated to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Education is empowerment. I redefine success everyday - there is no one way to achieve your goals other than to persist. The rules change, the goal post moves, sometimes you have to choose between childcare and class or between books and gas money. And, it may seem that everyone else has it all figured out. Seek the truth, use resources, ask for help, and treat yourself with same compassion you would give to someone you love.

Trainings/Certifications: MHFA, SafeZone, Co-Chair Student Affairs JEDI Council, Member of the Student Success Team