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Process for Using the Academic Testing Center (ATC)

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Academic Testing Center (ATC) primarily administers paper-based and ExamSoft assessments in a supervised location on behalf of URI faculty. Exam accommodations coordinated by Disability, Access and Inclusion, faculty approved make-ups, and culturally inclusive assessments welcome. Academic colleges and university programs interested in collaborating with the ATC can contact the office and arrange a consultation with the assistant director.

Faculty determine if a student has a University approved absence, according to Chapter 8 of the University Manual, which would qualify them to test at the ATC and/or if they have a Letter of Accommodation from URI’s office of Disability, Access, and Inclusion. Students should provide faculty with documentation directly, not bring it to the ATC. It is the ATC’s role to administer exams, not determine eligibility.

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Allow up to 2 business days for the ATC to configure your account. You will receive an email when this is complete.

With this account, you can log in anytime to submit new requests, view your current and past exam submissions, upload exams, view which students have scheduled or completed their exams, and more!

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It can take up to 3 business days for requests to be processed and exams to become available for student scheduling.

Faculty can submit requests before exam material is completed. However, exams must be uploaded 2 business days before the scheduled exam. This allows the ATC to maintain exam integrity and security by preparing rosters in advance.  

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