Online Teaching Practices & Principles

Quality Matters

In addition to the course design principles that guide URI’s online course development process, Quality Matters describes an Online Instructor Skills Set:

  1. The instructor understands the institutional context in which s/he teaches
  2. The instructor is knowledgeable about the technologies used in the online classroom
  3. The instructor understands the instructional design requirements of an online course
  4. The instructor understands the pedagogical components of the online teaching and learning process
  5. The instructor is knowledgeable about various methods of measuring the success of the teaching and learning process in the online classroom
  6. The instructor establishes a social presence and communicates effectively through writing and/or audio/video
  7. The instructor meets the academic and/or professional standards in his/her chosen field of teaching

Online Learning Consortium

The Online Learning Consortium has a Quality Scorecard suite that covers various aspects of designing, teaching, and administering online learning. For teaching practices, they have a Quality Course Teaching & Instructional Practice scorecard that include practices related to (among other things):

Oregon State University eCampus

Released in 2021, Oregon State University’s eCampus shared a set of research-based Online Teaching Principles complement their course design guidance.

The principles include:

  • Stay current
  • Encourage Equity
  • Communicate clearly and quickly
  • Provide notice
  • Commit to timeliness
  • Be present
  • Foster community
  • Support students
  • Reach out and refer
  • Cultivate inclusion