Teaching Online

Teaching online brings unique challenges and opportunities, both for instructors and students. Technology mediates the experience and engagement, making the design of the course more salient. Once the design is in place, however, course delivery and your role in it are critical to its success. 

This topic focuses on teaching strategies and techniques for facilitation, interaction, and communication, for creating a welcoming and inclusive environment, as well as for course management and feedback. Many of these techniques are ones that may apply in different course types and are very effective in online courses.

You can see more information on course design and explore the elements of an online course review.

Strategies & Techniques

Deeper Dives

Deeper dives provide opportunities for reflection and transformation around a specific topic for faculty to adapt, implement, and assess evidence-based strategies in their courses. Events include self-paced “courses”, high impact seminars, faculty institutes, and other special programs. Like any focused experience, these provide gains depended upon the time and introspection given to them. The times for self-paced courses are a broad estimate.