Vision and Mission

As the only separately accredited accounting program within the state of Rhode Island, the accounting faculty discovers and disseminates knowledge to prepare the next generation of accounting professionals and scholars to positively impact society. By achieving this objective, we promote sound and ethical accounting, tax, and auditing for businesses, as well as governmental and not-for-profit agencies. We educate, transform and inspire our students to think critically and independently, conduct innovative research, develop a global perspective, and function as informed, responsible, and socially conscious citizens and professionals.

Accounting Program Mission Objectives

  • Mission Objective 1: Enhance and Maintain Academic Relevance, Innovation, Quality, and Value
    Our undergraduate and graduate programs produce well-educated graduates with the necessary skills to meet the professional requirements of chosen career paths, particularly competencies desired by the public and private sectors of the accounting profession.
  • Mission Objective 2: Impactful Research on the Relation Between Accounting and Business and Society
    We conduct high quality, impactful research which contributes new knowledge to the field of accounting and accounting education. Our research focuses on how accounting affects business and society, at all levels.
  • Mission Objective 3: Prepare Students for a Changing World
    We promote faculty/student diversity, inclusiveness, and diverse interaction. We engage in teaching, research, and service which examine the relation between accounting and global commerce.
  • Mission Objective 4: Engage with Stakeholders at all levels.
    We promote impactful faculty and student leadership and engagement with all stakeholders, both through formal organizations/networks and informal contacts.
  • Mission Objective 5: Communication and Outreach
    We communicate with our stakeholders regarding faculty/student activities, projects, and achievements, especially those deserving of stakeholder support.