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A mission to end malnutrition

At the time, Fischer was an M.B.A. student in an organizational behavior class at URI. Working for a social enterprise was something Fischer was interested in, but, in her experience, engineers didn’t often find mission-driven, social enterprise-type work. After graduation, when Fischer saw Edesia was advertising for an industrial engineer, she applied. And she got the job. read entire article

URI Blue MBA student combines fascination with sharks, passion for ocean exploration

KINGSTON, R.I. – Feb. 15, 2023 – Christine de Silva’s interest with sharks may have started in a bizarre way – an autopsy. An undergraduate at the University of Miami, de Silva was in a class of STEM and communication students teamed up to promote scientists’ research through infographics and short videos. One day, Professor Neil Hammerschlag, head of the university’s Shark Research and Conservation lab, came into the class. read entire article

‘Wonky’ food program could save R.I. landfill

Hungarian MBA student: Noemi Csepregi. The rapid filling of the Central Landfill has been an important concern in Rhode Island for years and several steps have been taken to mitigate the issue. I propose a “wonky fruit and vegetable program” as a solution that has recently been adopted by some European and United Kingdom discounter chains. Rhode Island has a… read entire article

Homo Homini Lupus Est – Op-ed

Hungarian MBA student: Zsuzsanna Egri. Are we – humans – ready for the age of self-driving vehicles or are we going to be the wolves preying on other humans? Or are we eating up each other under cover of rivalry, called economy? I believe we should consider three things before adopting autonomous vehicles further: human psychology, security, and unemployment. read entire article