Premier MBA Faculty

The College of Business offers the most distinguished faculty in Southern New England who teach its global knowledge base to small class sizes, myriad opportunities for one-on-one faculty interactions, tremendous flexibility in elective course selection both within and outside of the College allowing students to customize their education, four areas of specialization, limited student enrollment ensuring a tight-knit community, and a strong career focus through career advisors, networking events, and a plethora of potential opportunities.

Unlike other MBA programs, the College of Business:

  • Assigns only full-time faculty to MBA courses, never teaching assistants. This ensures MBA students will only learn from the College‚Äôs renown and experienced faculty.
  • Offers flexibility to allow students to select electives from outside of the College so they can customize their education. For example, interested students can take courses in engineering, oceanography, computer science, or any other academic area.
  • Limits enrollment so students can benefit from unlimited opportunities for one-on-one faculty interaction and a small, cohesive community.
  • Provides many networking events so students can meet and learn from business professionals.

The full-time program, based in Kingston, includes an immersive experiential learning consulting project, and internship opportunities that students can leverage for credit.

The part-time program, based in Providence, has tremendous flexibility in timing, course selection, and specializations to allow you to customize the degree to your particular needs, preferences, and life situation. 

College of Business faculty are both nationally and even globally renown for their research and area expertise, or bring decades of relevant work experience to the classroom. College of Business research faculty have better reputations in their fields than any other business school in Southern New England, while teaching faculty given students unparalleled perspectives from their vast and successful careers.

Core courses are usually capped at 35 students, and elective courses often have fewer than 20 enrollees. This allows close interaction with faculty during class, and many opportunities for one-on-one access to faculty. These sessions can be about careers, course content, or just a deep dive into a mutual interest!

The College of Business offers students the luxury of tremendous flexibility in course selection and areas of specialization so they can customize their education and match their career interests. Students can select electives from any academic area such as engineering, oceanography, psychology, or computer science. Moreover, students can choose an area of specialization within the College including Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, and Organizational Leadership.

Students benefit from many career resources and opportunities. There is a career advisor that keeps students aware of all incoming job opportunities, and networking events that allow students to establish connections with area employers.