Business Ethics, Sustainability and Society

Through research and teaching, we are committed to developing responsible leaders and informing ethical business practices.

As a member of PRME—the Principles of Responsible Management Education initiative of the United Nations and business higher education institutions—the College of Business serves societal needs by developing responsible leaders and informing responsible management practices. Transformative faculty research tackles issues related to diversity, ethics, integrity, social welfare, sustainability, and societal issues.

Scholarship published by faculty at the College of Business have appeared in many top peer-reviewed journals, including: Journal of Business Ethics; The International Journal of Logistics Management; Journal of Business Research; Issues in Accounting Education; International Journal of Production Economics; Body Image; Gender, Work, & Organization; Decision Support Systems; Academy of Management Discoveries; Psychology & Sexuality; Transportation Part D: Transportation and Environment; Sex Roles; and Supply Chain Management, among many others.

Featured Faculty Research

Ergene, Seray, Subhabrata Bobby Banerjee, and Andrew J. Hoffman. 2021. “(Un)Sustainability and Organization Studies: Towards a Radical Engagement.” Organization Studies 42 (8): 1319–35.

Ergene, Seray, and Marta B. Calás. 2023. “Becoming Naturecultural: Rethinking Sustainability for a More-than-Human World.” Organization Studies, May, 01708406231175293.

Hossain, Mehdi Tanzeeb, and Jonathan Ross Gilbert. 2021. “Satisfactory Listening: The Differential Role of Salesperson Communication in (Co)Creating Value for B2B Buyers.” Industrial Marketing Management 98 (October): 222–40.

Gago-Rodríguez, Susana, Gilberto Márquez-Illescas, and Manuel Núñez-Nickel. 2020. “Denial of Corruption: Voluntary Disclosure of Bribery Information.” Journal of Business Ethics 162 (3): 609–26. 

Santucci, Anna, Kristin Johnson, and Donna Gamache-Griffiths. 2021. “Whose Act(Ing)? Intercultural Educators in Critical Conversation on Ethical Practice across Disciplines.” Scenario: A Journal of Performative Teaching, Learning, Research, December, 71–79.