Biological and Environmental Sciences

Environmental and Earth Sciences


The Environmental and Earth Sciences graduate research group (EVES) focuses on the history, dynamics, condition, and interpretation of Earth’s environments, celebrating innovative science communication and authentic assessment of the social and environmental justice implications of our research. Faculty research interests encompass earth and physical sciences (solid Earth studies, soil science, hydrology, geospatial data technologies, and computer modeling), environmental science and ecology (biogeochemistry and invasive species dynamics), and science communication (building more inclusive, effective, wide-reaching communication avenues and content). We work as a collective to understand better the Earth System through time, to sustain healthy environments, to remediate and restore damaged environments, and to share our science with the public.

A strong advisor-student relationship is central to the program. Prospective students should contact faculty directly prior to applying in order to explore mutual interests. 

EVES Specialization Group Coordinator, Associate Professor



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