International Development Minor

The Minor is for students interested in learning about the global environment, food and nutrition, world health, economic development, literacy, foreign aid, world trade, women-in-development, non-governmental organizations, international careers and more. The Minor is available to undergraduates interested in employment overseas or in domestic enterprises with international operations.

Internships, independent study and study-abroad offer experiences in traveling, overseas employment, writing grant proposals, developing foreign language skills, project planning and program development.  Studying in areas of personal interest is encouraged.

All University of Rhode Island students are welcome to participate in the URI Minor in International Development or take individual courses.

Minor in International Development Courses

NRS 300 Introduction to Global Issues in Sustainable Development Role of the United States in development assistance to foreign nations. Topics include: foreign aid, sustainable development, transfer of technology, international career opportunities and requirements. (Lec 3) Abedon

NRS 487 International Development Internship Supervised participation in programs related to sustainable international development. Minimum 35 hours of internship per credit. (Practicum) Pre: NRS 300 and permission of instructor. Not for Graduate credit. S/U only. Abedon

NRS 496 International Development Seminar Seminar in sustainable international development for advanced-level students in the international development minor. (Seminar) Pre: NRS 300 and permission of instructor. Not for Graduate credit. Abedon

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