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Seafood consumption in the US has been on the rise, with demand expected to grow 60% by 2050. While the potential is great, this increase in seafood production is threatened by challenges imposed by disease, climate change, and environmental pollution, as well as weakness in processing and distribution chains. These challenges are further exacerbated by unexpected or unexplained events such as harmful algal blooms, disease, or area closures.

What is PRESS?

PRESS is a new initiative at the University of Rhode Island that provides nimble and rapid funding to address ongoing issues and unexpected challenges facing our Rhode Island fisheries, aquaculture, and seafood sector. PRESS was established though NOAA with funding ($1M over 4 years) secured from an earmark by senator Reed and led by Marta Gomez-Chiarri, professor of fisheries and aquaculture at URI. Funds will be administered through Rhode Island Sea Grant


November 21 Stakeholder Listening Session: Click Here
Media Announcement of PRESS: Click Here
March 2023 Call for Proposals: Click Here

What are the objectives of PRESS?

PRESS aim to:

  1. Identify emerging issues affecting seafood production;
  2. Develop a research innovation and idea incubator driven by stakeholder input;
  3. Develop and/or enhance workforce training and educational portals; and 
  4. Transfer technology to improve industry sustainability

This project will provide a model for addressing future challenges to seafood security in the U.S.

Announcing 2023 Request for Pre Proposals

We are now accepting pre proposals for funding in 2023 (deadline for first round of pre proposals – 3/27).  The PRESS initiative will consider proposals with the potential to positively impact the Rhode Island seafood system by identifying and addressing emerging and pressing issues affecting that system. The goal of the funding is to complement, build upon, or enhance (not duplicate) other sources of federal, state, or private funding. Link to Full RFP

Decision making is led by a Coordinating Committee, composed by experts across the state.  The PRESS team can assist potential applicants in developing a research idea and matchmaking between potential partners.  Various information sessions will be open to the public to identify critical issues.

Members of the PRESS Coordinating Committee

Members of the PRESS Coordinating Committee: Click Here

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