In-House Payroll

The In-House Payroll is paid by the University of Rhode Island and includes student hourly, graduate assistants, and the internal payroll, or temporary employees that are not students. The Payroll Accounting Office distributes payroll charges to the appropriate URI accounts and maintains effort certification reports.

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In-House Payroll Office

11 Carlotti Admin Bldg
75 Lower College Road
Phone: 401.874.5520
Fax: 401.874.5206

Assistant Controller for Payroll Barbara Ghigliotty 401.874.5415
Manager Tina Verria 401.874.5827
Assistant Manager VACANT 401.874.2365
Supervisor – Payroll Accounting Susan Ryan 401.874.4139
Pre-Audit Clerk – In-House Payroll Mary Strawderman 401.874.5520
Pre-Audit Clerk – Payroll Accounting Kathy Tellier 401.874.9070