Seniors Present Research Projects

Last Wednesday, both sections of ECN 445, our senior research seminar, presented their capstone projects. One section, taught by Professor Christopher Briggs, focused on monetary policy and the role of the Federal Reserve. From this section, Nela Stachelek won the best research poster award for her presentation on “The Importance of NGDP Targeting and the Relationship with Flexible Inflation”.

The other section, taught by Professor Liam Malloy, had groups present research projects on Behavioral Economics. The winning group from this section presented a poster titled “Student Loans and Graduate School: Analyzing the Impact of Student Loan Debt on Graduate School Enrollment”.

The third award, the “Chair’s Award”, went to Cameron Kilroy for his presentation titled “Does the Job Report Lie: An Examination of Revisions to the Employment Situation Summary”. The awardees and their posters can be seen in the slideshow below.

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