Aquaculture and Fisheries Science B.S.


Our graduates work for commercial ventures and private consulting, establish their own business in aquaculture and fisheries, manage fish facilities at research institutions, work for state and federal governmental agencies in the areas of enforcement, regulation, management, policy and research, and go to graduate school to eventually obtain research, upper management, and academic jobs.

The aquaculture program at the University of Rhode Island, begun in 1969 and administered by the Department of Fisheries, Animal and Veterinary Sciences (FAVS), is one of the oldest aquaculture programs in the northeastern United States. Students in our aquaculture program have come from throughout the United States and from many foreign countries.

Faculty in the department have research interests in culture of salmonids, culture of marine finfish and marine finfish larviculture, health management, culture of bivalve mollusks, shellfish genomics, recirculation aquaculture systems, development of new aquaculture species, and environmental impacts of aquaculture, among many others.