Aquaculture and Fisheries Science B.S.


A total of 120 credits is required for graduation.

Course Requirements

  • 10 credits in introductory professional courses including:
    • AFS 105G/106: Food from the Sea (Lecture/Lab)
    • EEC 105: Introduction to Resource Economics
    • NRS 100: Natural Resource Conservation
  • At least 24 credits in basic sciences including:
    • BIO 101/103: Principles of Biology I (Lecture/Lab)
    • BIO 102/104: Principles of Biology II (Lecture/Lab)
    • CHM 101/102: General Chemistry I (Lecture/Lab) or
      CHM 103/105: Introductory Chemistry (Lecture/Lab)
    • one course in mathematics
    • one course in the physical sciences
    • one course in ecology or ecosystem science
    • one course in computational sciences or statistics
  • At least 20 credits in concentration courses at the 300 level or above
    • 12 credits of the concentration courses must be selected from courses offered by AFS
    • additional credits of the concentration may be selected from courses offered in BIO, EEC, MAF, NRS, and OCG
  • 3 credits in an internship or special project
  • At least 25 credits of supporting electives selected from an approved list of courses in AFS, APG, AVS, BIO, EEC, GEO, MAF, NRS, OCG, and SAF