Alternative Rhodes To Financing Your Education

We understand that financing your education is an important family decision.  In addition to the financial aid award package offered to you from the University of Rhode Island, we encourage you to look for outside funding through local and state organizations, as well as web based scholarship searches. Below are a few searches to consider that are free, easy to use, and require a simple profile to complete.  URI does not support scholarship sites that require any form of payment.

Scholarship Searches:

College Planning Center of RI
RISLA Financial Literacy

You may also wish to secure additional loans or enroll in a URI payment plan to help meet any remaining costs after your financial aid award is applied to your bill.

URI Payment Plan:  For families wishing to budget their annual term bill expenses into monthly installments, the University offers a URI Tuition Payment Plan. This plan allows term bill expenses for each semester to be paid in 5, 4, or 3 installments depending on the time of plan enrollment. There is a $25 enrollment fee for each semester plan. Enrollment begins May 1. For more information, visit: URI Payment Plan and click on: Pay Your Bill.

Federal Parent PLUS Loan:  This loan is for parents of undergraduate students who wish to borrow to assist in paying college costs for their children. For more information, visit:   Parent PLUS Loan

Alternative Education loans:  These are privately funded loans that a student and/or parent can use to fund a student’s educational costs.  For more information, visit:  Alternative Loans

We are here to help!  If you have any questions regarding your financing options, please feel free to contact Enrollment Services.