Receive Aid

Award Notification

New First-Year Students and Transfers

Financial aid award recipients can access their award information through the Admission applicant portal. Students will receive an email when the awards are ready for viewing in mid-March. When you log into your portal, you will see this status update with the date:

How is Financial Aid Determined?

  • Most financial aid at the University of Rhode Island is awarded to students on the basis of demonstrated financial need. To determine financial need, the University employs the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which calculates the Student Aid Index (SAI).
  • At the time your financial aid application was reviewed, you were considered for all types of financial assistance: grants, loans, and employment. The composition of your financial aid package was determined by taking into consideration the total number of financial aid applications, the available funds, your financial need, the date of your application, your preference for specific types of aid and, for entering students, your date of admission.
  • Note that we expect your family to bear primary responsibility for financing your college education.

Returning Students

Continuing upperclass students may begin to view their financial aid awards through e-Campus in the last week of June. All requested verification documents must be received and processed prior to receiving a financial aid award. Please log in to e-Campus for online self-service accessibility to financial aid, academic, and billing portfolios.

Student’s Responsibilities

  • Read all of the messages on the Award Notification and respond accordingly.
  • You may accept or decline all or any portion of your awards by logging on to e-Campus and navigating to:
    • Student Self Service section > Student Center > Accept/Decline Financial Aid (Watch an instructional video).
    • Your response is due 14 days after receipt of the financial aid award. First-year and Transfer students have until May 1 to respond.
  • You must repay any Title IV (Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant) or Higher Education Act (Pell Grant) funds received that are in excess of your financial need and/or eligibility.
  • Notify Enrollment Services in writing, should any of the following circumstances occur:
    • If you receive any financial assistance from a source either within or outside the University as follows including but not limited to:
      • Scholarships
      • Grants
      • G.I. Bill
      • Other V.A. benefits
      • Social Security benefits
      • Vocational rehabilitation benefits
      • Assistantships
      • Fellowships
      • Traineeships
      • Fee remissions
      • Waivers
      • Reductions
    • If your financial status, or that of your parents, has changed from that originally reported on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).



Please refer to the guide below for more important disclosures and information regarding receiving aid.

Financial aid award guide

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