Hydrology and Water Resources

Faculty: T.B. Boving and A.I. Veeger

GEO_handwresources3Faculty research covers a range of topics in the general areas of Environmental Hydrogeology, Aquatic Geochemistry, and Modeling. Our interests include the fate and transport of contaminants in the unsaturated and saturated zone, stable isotope hydrology, surface-water/ground-water interactions, and innovative remediation technologies. URI hydrogeology students receive a broad background in earth sciences and engineering. Our students pursue research which combines fieldwork with laboratory work. Our field Hydrogeology projects have taken students to field sites within the USA as well as abroad, i.e. Jordan, Kenya, and India.

Hydrogeology and Water Resources faculty maintain strong collaborative links with faculty in Natural Resources Sciences as well as the College of Engineering and the Graduate School of Oceanography.

Selected Funded Research Projects

  • (2011-2013) Advanced Oxidation Technology. Funded by: AFCEE; Co-PI Boving (with EnChem Engineering)
  • (2011-2012) Installation of a Stormwater Management and Treatment Demonstration Facility. Funded by: RI Dept. of Transportation; PI: Boving
  • (2010) Advanced Mixed Oxidation and Inclusion Technology. Funded by: US EPA – SABIR Phase I. Co-PI Boving (with EnChem Engineering)
  • (2009) Silver Nano-particle Enhanced Treatment of Water. Funded by: The Rhode Island Water Resources Center. Co-PI Boving
  • (2008-2009) Development of Quantitative Tools to Determine the Expected Performance of Unit Processes in Wastewater Soil Treatment Units. Funded by: The Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF), Co-PI Boving.
  • (2008) Establishing a Joint Center for Water Quality and Aquifer Remediation in Coastal Areas – Exploratory Meeting in Goa, India. Funded by:. The Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF), PI: Boving.
  • (2005-current) Scientific, Technical, Research, Engineering and Modelling Support Funded by: US EPA – STREAMS. Subcontractor.