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Welcome back for Summer 2024! The GWC will be open from JUNE 3 – JULY 26 for online-only appointments this semester.
Please email us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to helping you with your writing! Book now via WCO.                          

Who can use the GWC?

We are proud to serve all graduate students currently enrolled at URI across all master’s, doctoral, and certificate programs. We also serve post-docs and visiting scholars*. During every appointment at the GWC, we work on a peer-tutoring model designed to help you become a more capable and more confident writer. Learn more about our in-person services and our online servicesWe do not offer walk-in appointments. Book your appointments via WCO

Undergraduate students can visit the Undergraduate Writing Center.

*Post-docs and visiting scholars: the tutoring platform (WCO) is linked to active student SSO. If you do not have an active URI student SSO, please contact the GWC to gain access to the scheduling platform. 

International and Multilingual Graduate Students

The GWC has trained consultants for English Language Learners (ELL). Multilingual or non-native English speakers may face unique challenges in the writing process and in preparing academic papers and presentations. We encourage our ELL clients to make an appointment with the GWC’s ELL consultant. Learn more about our ELL consultant on our People page.

What services do we offer? 

However, we do not…

line edit or proofread. Our goal at the GWC is to help graduate writers improve their writing. We focus on higher-order concerns, like clarity, coherence, organization, and audience. The GWC does not line edit or proofread documents for students. Proofreading typically includes correcting all typos and spelling errors, or incorrect words (typing “the” instead of “then,” for example). It is usually the very last step in the writing process. We offer a list of local editors for hire for your convenience (see link below). 

We do NOT currently offer consultations over the phone. Our synchronous online consultation capabilities are available for all URI graduate students no matter your geographic location. Learn more about online consultations here. Please contact us with any questions.

Editors for Hire

Students are responsible for knowing and adhering to the University’s academic honesty policy, and should engage editors for proofreading of the thesis or dissertation only. Per the University Manual (8.27.15), students are not permitted to receive any outside assistance on their qualifying or comprehensive exams. The GWC will also NOT accept work on take-home exams unless the professor has reached out to us directly.

See section 8.27 (“Cheating and Plagiarism”) of the University Manual for details about academic honesty and original student work.

Note: The following list provides contact information for individuals who take on work as editors for pay. Any and all terms of the project and payment must be arranged directly with the individual editor. The Graduate Writing Center takes no responsibility for these individuals or their work. We neither endorse nor recommend any editor.  

Editors for Hire (2021-2022)  (PDF, updated Jan 2022)

If you are an editor-for-hire and would like to be added to this list, contact us.