Sorority and Fraternity Financial Information

Membership dues are semester costs in order to be a member in a Greek organization. Dues are charged at the beginning of each semester beginning with the new member semester. Your first semester within the organization, your new member semester, is typically more expensive in order to pay for one time initiation, badge and fees to the national or international organization. For example, when you join a gym you typically have to pay a join fee, this is a similar fee structure. In the following semesters the costs go down to national fees and local dues. National fees cover national membership fees and insurance, and local dues cover chapter specific expenses at the local level (ex. recruitment shirts, brotherhood event, philanthropic donations, chapter wide events, leadership conference travel, scholarships & awards, etc…) 

New Member Sorority Dues/Semester: Between $600 and $1,200

New Member Fraternity Dues/Semester: Between $400 and $800

New Member Culturally Based Greek Org Dues/Semester: Please consult with individual organization

These fees are non refundable and non negotiable.

Greek organizations work with their national team, local advisors & executive boards to determine local dues attached to their national fees charged each semester. Chapter dues will either be all inclusive or partially inclusive. All inclusive dues account for all chapter related expenses covered under the dues cost, such as apparel, chapter programming or attendance to events. Chapters that have partially inclusive dues have to pay out of pocket for additional specific items, programs or events. Many organizations have payment plans available to help you pay your dues in installments over a semester. Dues are private membership costs and are not billed though the university, meaning chapter dues will not appear on your E-campus account. Many of our chapters use the Fraternity Manager’s Association to bill dues and housing, and others may use other private 3rd party billing companies. Unpaid membership dues or housing costs to a fraternity or sorority may result in a e-campus hold preventing class registration, graduation, or transcript OR result in private collection notices & impact your credit score. Make sure you ask the chapter you are interested in joining about the cost of dues BEFORE you join. 

Returning Member Panhellenic Sorority Dues/Semester: Between $600 and $1,000

Returning Member IFC Fraternity Dues/Semester: $400 and $800

Returning Member Culturally Based Greek Org Dues/Semester: Please consult with individual organization

Greek Housing Financial Information

10 sororities and 6 fraternities have housing on campus and have residency for 35-60 members. Chapters may have a live-in requirement of 1-4 semesters if all housing spots are not filled. If the chapter(s) you are interested in have housing, ask about a live-in requirement during Recruitment or before you join.

Most chapter houses all have either a kitchen or a meal plan incorporated into the housing cost. Houses without kitchens allow members to purchase university meal plans. The cost of living in the chapter house is around $5,000 to $8,000 a semester. Singles and Doubles are available depending on the house. Click here to learn more about Greek Housing & FMA.