Destination: Completion

Key moments, milestones and objectives during the progress of Campus Renewal.

Assessment and deliberation — 2015—2018

Summer 2015Ellenzweig, a leading architecture and design firm, is engaged to produce a Master Plan for the NBC in collaboration with campus stakeholders.
2016 — 2017The Campus Renewal Master Plan—a visionary $300M program—is endorsed by URI President Dooley, GSO Dean Corliss, Dean Wright (Engineering), the GSO Dean’s Advisory Council and other key institutional leaders.
Fall 2017GSO begins discussions to form the East Coast Oceanographic Consortium (ECOC) with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, University of New Hampshire and other associate member institutions to compete for one of three Regional Class Research Vessels (RCRV) funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).
Spring 2018The ECOC submits its proposal for RCRV operation to the NSF, pledging to construct a new pier and improved marine operations support facilities with funding provided by the State of Rhode Island.
Summer 2018ECOC is awarded operation of a new RCRV by the NSF. GSO’s reputation as a ship operator will continue as R/V Endeavor nears the end of its service life.
November 2018With the encouragement of then-Governor Gina Raimondo and with nearly 60% support, the citizens of Rhode Island approve borrowing of $45M to begin Campus Renewal. Projects include a new pier, an ocean technology design laboratory and extensive site work to relocate parking lots and create a pedestrian-friendly campus. These public funds are to be matched with private gifts.
December 2018Stephen M. Greenlee M.S. ’82 and Donna Church Greenlee make a $1 million gift in support of Narragansett Bay Campus renewal.

Recently and imminently — 2019—2024

Summer 2019James A. Austin, Jr., a leading ocean scientist and philanthropist, makes a $500,000 challenge gift—a pledge to match new gifts that support campus renewal and the Master Plan.
Spring 2020Appledore Marine Engineering, LLC., a leading waterfront engineering and design firm, is engaged to design a new pier to accommodate and serve the new RCRV, Narragansett Dawn.
Summer 2020Ellenzweig is reengaged by URI to design the ocean technology design laboratory and marine operations facility, and to revise the Master Plan with a focus on Phase Two priorities for funding by state approval of a 2022 bond offering.
Fall 2020Important momentum for campus renewal builds as more than $500,000 in new cash and pledges are matched by the James Austin Campus Fund to support Master Plan projects.
Winter 2021Ellenzweig updates the Master Plan for the Narragansett Bay Campus. The $200 million plan validates Phase Two priorities, including a new research facility to replace Horn laboratory, a new research complex for URI’s Ocean Engineering Department and renovation of the Coastal Institute building. Other projects described in the 2016 Master Plan are deferred for future consideration.
January 2022Construction of the new pier commences. Work includes building a new pump house in a new location to continue bringing seawater to research projects. R/V Endeavor moves to an alternate home port at Quonset, R.I.
November 2022After approvals by URI leadership, the Governor’s Office and State Legislature, R.I. voters adopt a second bond offering. As with approval of the first bond, public financing is expected to be supplemented by private gifts.
Summer 2023Projected— The new pier for R/V Narragansett Dawn and the new seawater pump house is complete.
Summer 2023Projected— Groundbreaking on Ocean Robotics Laboratory.
Summer 2024Projected— R/VNarragansett Dawn arrives from the shipyard in Houma, Louisiana.

On the horizon — 2024—2026

2024 — 2026Projected— The Ocean Frontiers Building, which replaces GSO’s Horn Laboratory, and a new home for the Ocean Engineering Department is designed and constructed.
Summer 2025Projected— Construction of the Ocean Robotics Laboratory is completed and the building is ready for occupancy.

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