The research conducted at the Graduate School of Oceanography has never been more vital, or global.

At GSO, we make essential contributions to humanity’s understanding of the world’s oceans—from Narragansett Bay to the Antarctic—and, along the way, we employ the latest technologies available to oceanographers. Moreover, through outreach programs and partnerships, we make sure these discoveries and analyses are accessible to everyone.

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Where to do research, at sea or on campus

Research Facilities

Name Type More information
Research Groups    
Air-Sea Interaction Research Group Research Group
Dynamics of Ocean Currents and Fronts Research Group
Hurricane Modeling Group Research Group
Marine Ecosystems Research Laboratory Research Group
Ocean Robotics Program Research Group
Physical Oceanography & Remote Sensing Research Group
Quantitative Microbiology Group Research Group
Rhode Island Marine Fisheries Institute collaborative Research Group
Beinart Lab Laboratory
D’Hondt Lab (Geobiology) Laboratory
Kelley Group and Micro-Analytical Geochemistry Laboratory Laboratory; Service Center
Lohmann Lab (Persistent Organic Pollutants) Laboratory
McMahon Ocean Ecogeochemistry Lab Laboratory
Menden-Deuer Lab (Plankton Ecology) Laboratory
Ocean Carbon Lab Laboratory
Ocean Circulation and Biogeochemistry Lab Laboratory
Omand Lab Laboratory
Paleomagnetics Laboratory Laboratory Contact John King
Robinson Lab (Nitrogen and Carbon Cycles) Laboratory
Rynearson Lab (Plankton Ecology and Evolution) Laboratory
Seismology Lab Laboratory
Smart Ocean Systems Lab Laboratory
Smith Lab Laboratory
Walsh COAST Lab Laboratory
Wei Lab Laboratory
Service Centers    
CHN Analyses Service Center
Inner Space Center Service Center
Kelley Group and Micro-Analytical Geochemistry Laboratory Laboratory; Service Center
Marine Science Research Facility Service Center
Fish Sounds Collection/Library
Marine Geological Samples Laboratory Sample Repository/Library
Pell Marine Science Library Collection/Library
Other Resourcess    
Computer Services Other Resources
Research Diving & Safety Program Other Resources